How do I access outpatient care?

Many patients are referred directly to us by their insurance companies or by other community providers, others refer themselves. You can seek treatment for yourself or a loved one by calling our Referral Coordinator at (301) 567-0400.

What staff is involved in care?

As part of the admission/intake process to the ATT program, all patients meet with a licensed clinician for an assessment of symptoms, strengths, and needs. You may also meet with a member of our psychiatry team as a part of the admission process. Once your needs are determined, you will meet at regular intervals with a licensed clinician, psychiatrist and/or rehabilitation coordinator for the duration of your treatment. Together, they provide a multidisciplinary treatment approach. Care is also coordinated with ancillary providers, schools and other agencies, when appropriate.

How often do patients receive treatment, and for how long?

Each patient’s treatment plan is different, depending on their needs. This can be discussed with your treatment provider. Typically patients in our program are seen weekly for therapeutic and rehabilitation services. Medication management visits are typically monthly.

How many patients are in group therapy?

In group therapy, group size is kept to 12 patients or less.

Why is family therapy important?

A patient’s psychiatric illness or addiction can impact the entire family. When the family has an understanding of their loved one’s issues and conflicts, they have the power to play a major role in the recovery process. ATT has long recognized the importance of the family in the healing process, and incorporates family therapy and education into the treatment routine. Our family education program empowers families with information and education, enabling them to better cope during a difficult time. We also refer families to resources available in the community.

What types of insurance do you accept?

ATT currently accepts Maryland Medicaid and self-pay. Sliding Fee Scale available.

What should I bring to my evaluation appointment?

Please bring the names, addresses, and phone numbers of your medical doctor, pharmacy, therapist, psychiatrist, and any other providers we may need to coordinate with regarding your care, such as a probation officer. In addition, bring a list of all medications and dosages. If you have copies of previous evaluations that you would like to share such as prior hospitalization admission or discharge paperwork, that would be helpful as well. The initial evaluation will take approximately 1.5 hours.

Do you provide transportation?

ATT does not provide transportation, but we are metro accessible, located directly across the street from the Rivertowne Commons shopping center in Oxon Hill, Maryland.