All That’s Therapeutic, Inc. (ATT) is a CARF accredited culturally competent, family focused mental and behavioral health care agency dedicated to serving individuals, groups and families of all ages in need of therapeutic and psychiatric services. ATT has licensed, caring, experienced and dedicated mental health staff that provide support to consumers of all ages. Whether you just need someone to talk to or are seeking support for emotional and psychological disorders, our trained clinicians employ various types of behavioral therapies and evidence-based practices to get you the help that you need. We have been providing quality services in Prince George’s County Maryland and the surrounding areas since 2003.

Our Mission

  • To resolve the core issues that led to the consumer’s impairment;
  • To assist consumers in developing the skills necessary to enhance their ability to independently resolve recurring mental health issues and to serve as their own change agents;
  • To maintain a workforce of well-trained clinicians and staff who are multi-skilled and able to resolve and address complex issues; and
  • To establish a supportive and trusting therapeutic relationship and environment which is essential to therapeutic growth and positive behavioral changes.

Core Values

  • All That’s Therapeutic, Inc. values effectiveness and cost-efficient evidenced based outpatient treatment, rehabilitative and prevention services.
  • All That’s Therapeutic, Inc. values a professional staff that is well trained, maintains strict confidentiality, and is respectful of the dignity of all consumers served by the organization.
  • All That’s Therapeutic, Inc. values recovery: a personal process that includes empowerment, health, responsibility, and improved quality of life, requiring individual effort and the support of others.